Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Flux Antenna - It may seem crazy - but if it works, it's priceless.

In 2015, the team of Physicists at LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravity wave Observatory) discovered Gravity Waves, as predicted by Albert Einstein exactly one hundred years prior.  


The Gravity Wave Event was created by two Black Holes over 130 Billion miles away and therefore TOOK PLACE 130 BILLION YEARS AGO.  Yet, the day that they turned the instrument on - Sept. 15, 2015, the device recorded the Gravity Waves from this event flying past the Earth at the EXACT MOMENT that they passed by.  Wait - What?

When the TWO BLACK HOLES Collided into each other, 130 BILLION YEARS AGO - they created the largest Gravity Waves in History

When the Gravity Waves they created HIT the EARTH some 130 Billion Years Later, humans had the most sensitive scientific equipment (LIGO) created, installed and turned on and ready to detect these waves - AND ON THE DAY THEY TURNED IT ON, these waves were detected.  CO-INCIDENCE or evidence of SOMETHING ELSE?

In this author's humble opinion - THIS IS TOO MUCH COINCIDENCE and so I am predicting that what happened FIRST, was the detection of CONSCIOUSNESS WAVES first that allowed our scientists to devise and then turn on the LIGO detector, the most sensitive scientific instrument in history at JUST THE RIGHT MOMENT so that it would not be missed.

Will it take 100 YEARS for this new theory of the universe to be proven right?  Will it be too late?  NOT if I CAN HELP IT - JOIN ME.  One Crazy Bastard out to save the world, yours and mine.


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